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Vision statement 

We are the "chosen" collision repair specialists providing a premium service with an emphasis on quality. 

We are "your" best start to a great finish. 


Mission statement 

We communicate with our clients throughout the entire process, treating each customer as an individual. 

Our superior results are achieved by our highly trained and dedicated staff who are as passionate about quality as we are. 



Welcome to Toowoomba's premier auto smash repair and restoration company.

We’re proud owners of a smash repair business dedicated to providing exemplary auto smash repair and restoration services for private vehicle owners, business fleet managers and of course, car enthusiasts and collectors.

Our experienced and highly qualified team offer a comprehensive service for vehicle owners who prefer quality and auto repair work in a timely.

Our business is family owned and operated, making it possible to move and shape our delivery systems as the industry and our client demands change over time.

We repair and restore all types of vehicles for clients both locally in the Toowoomba region and across numerous states in Australia.

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OuR TeamTeam

We’ve worked hard over the years to build a strong team and positive business culture that truly reflects our core values and passion for excellence.

Being a family owned and operated business means we understand and appreciate the inconvenience of having a family or business vehicle out of service due to an accident.

For this reason, our systems and skill sets are structured to produce the level of excellence we’d expect from a leading smash repair and restoration company and the ability to deliver the goods in a timely manner.  

Business and family life continuum are a top priority for our team!

Darryl & Sonja Naumann - Business Owners


Paint By Darryl



Unit 5/47 Ball St TMBA, QLD, 4350
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