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Did you know that you can pick your preferred smash repair company in the case of a vehicle accident?

If you have a car accident, generally the first thing you'll do is call your insurer who'll supply you with a list of approved repairers and you'll take your pick from there. But few people know that they can actually choose their own repairer.

Most insurance companies will only provide you with a  warranty if you choose their approved repairers but at PBD Smash Repairs and Restoration, we run our own *warranty for the lifetime of the vehicle.

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Private VehiclesPrivate & Restoration Vehicles

Toowoomba’s Car Smash Repair Experts

At PBD Smash Repairs and Restoration, we pride ourselves on providing smash repair solutions that deliver the highest quality outcomes without compromising on parts, materials or traditional trades practises.

We’re a family owned and run business, with over 22 years’ experience in the car smash repair industry, as a result, we deliver exceptional services to private car owners across Toowoomba and the Darling Downs Region

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Fleet MaintenanceFleet Maintenance Toowoomba

Tired of chasing your vehicle smash repair company for a quote or even worse, your vehicle that’s in for repair or maintenance?

You need to have a talk with our team.  We’ve developed skills, systems and processes to deliver exemplary Smash Repair and Maintenance services for business owning small or large fleets of cars, utes and small trucks.

We specialise in servicing businesses in the Toowoomba region, and are confident that our services are personalised and delivered in a timely manner.

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Paintless Dent removalPaintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal Toowoomba

Our Paintless Dent Repair system makes the process of removing dents from vehicles cost & time effective in comparison to conventional dent removal processes.

Repairs for minor damage, hail damage and those all too familiar “carpark dents” can be performed to remove the dents without the need to repaint the damaged panels.

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Plastic WeldingPlastic Welding for Auto Smash Repairs

Had a smash or minor car accident and smashed your bumpers?

We offer comprehensive plastic welding solutions for deep scratches, cracks and dents caused from general vehicle operation or accidents, especially the “car park” ones.

PBD Smash Repairs and Restoration’’s experienced team of body and plastics restoration specialists are here to help private vehicle owners and business owners with a full fleet of cars, trucks or utes.

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Vehicle Headlight Restoration Service in Toowoomba

Over time, headlight lenses fade and develop a yellow, frosted look. If not restored, you could be issued a defect notice for not being road worthy compliant.  

Dull, faded lenses greatly reduce the ability for the headlights to shine brightly, making them harder to see for other drivers on the road, and decreasing a driver’s visibility at night.

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Vehicle TypesVehicle Types

Smash Repair and Restoration Services Toowoomba

We love our trade and enjoy restoring or repairing all types of vehicles for private vehicle owners, businesses or fleet management services.

Having worked on brand new vehicles that have been smashed in accidents or restoring classic and vintage cars for vehicle enthusiasts in the Toowoomba region and across Australia, we are confident in our skillsets.

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